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Importance of a Paid Internship Abroad

Internships play an extremely important role in broadening a student’s practical knowledge. It given them an insight to worklife. The knowledge acquired during an internship helps in their career advancement. Additionally, students can learn about the work culture abroad and get the experience of living independently. Learning a new language is a step forward towards understanding the people across the world, a value add when travelling abroad.

Students get an opportunity to learn about the currency and economy of the country. Infact, a wonderful way to start earning in international currency.

Explore international paid internship to embark career with international exposure early in your career. If you are looking for paid internship abroad, then look no further. Job Thikana is India’s leading internship service provider that has benefitted thousands of candidates aiming to gain work experience abroad and discover a new country. You can apply for paid internship in the Healthcare, Hospitality, Aviation & Automobile sectors across the globe through Job Thikana.

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For a rewarding and successful career globally, gaining skills and knowledge as per international standards is a must. Internship is the best way for graduates to develop their professional aptitude, get industrial exposure, and learn from experts in the real working environment. It opens up the door to excellent job opportunities across the world. By investing in internships, you’ll give yourself an array of opportunities when applying for a job across the world.

International Internship with Stipend in International Currency

Benefits of Paid Membership

Instant Registrations No registrations charges
User ID/Password Create User ID / Password to complete the login process
Dynamic Video Profile Making Create physical CV along with Dynamic Video Profile Making
Academic credit for international internships Help in accessing financial aid
Training & Grooming Train and groom as per international standards
Perks and Benefits of Internship Gain international work experience
International Assistance We are very much in touch with the Ministry of External Affairs, to ensure that you are safe and offered required assistance
Fly for sure - Time Frame We reschedule interview if you’re rejected. Subject to country specific requirement, the time frame for fly out is 180 days
Visa & Ticket Assistance Visa and ticket assistance is provided by our team


Instant Registrations No registrations charges SPECIAL OFFER
With Individual Mentoring Program (IMP) for Hospitality/Healthcare sector internship 2,75,000/- 2,50,000/-
Without Individual Mentoring Program (IMP)* for Hospitality/Healthcare sector internship 1,75,000/- 1,50,000/-

*Pre-screening requirement to identify if requires Individual Mentoring Program(IMP) or not

Payment terms in 3 Installments

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